Researcher Profile

Stephen Bocking

Job Title: Associate Professor, Environmental & Resource Studies Program
Employer: Trent University
Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Public School attended: Montroyal Elementary School
High School attended: Handsworth High School, College Secondaire Les Compagnons de Cartier, Le College Francais
Further Education: University of Toronto (B.Sc. - 1983, M.Sc. - 1987, Ph.D. - 1992)
Geographic focus of research: northern Canada, Malaysia, India.

Brief synopsis of current research:
The role of aquatic science in environmental policy and management; he history of aquatic science in Canada; the environmental, social, and political implications of large-scale water development in the developing world.

Mailing address:
Environmental & Resource Studies Program, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 7B8

Recent Publications:

Biodiversity in Canada: Ecology, Ideas, and Actions, (edited book, 18 chapters) (Broadview Press, 2000), 430 pp.

Ecologists and Environmental Politics: A History of Contemporary Ecology, (Yale University Press, 1997). 271 pp.

Aquatic Science in Canada: A case study of research in the Mackenzie Basin, Royal Society of Canada, 1995. 96 pp.

"The Power Elite: The Politics and Ecology of Malaysia's Bakun Dam," Alternatives Journal, Vol. 23(2), 1997: 14-19.

"Fishing the Inland Seas: Great Lakes Research, Fisheries Management and Environmental Policy in Ontario," Environmental History, Vol. 2(1), 1997: 52-73.