Researcher Profile

Tillmann J. Benfey

Job Title: Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Biology
Employer: University of New Brunswick
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Public School attended: Oak Ridge Elementary School
High School attended: MacDonald High School
CEGEP:John Abbott College
Further Education: McGill University (B.Sc. - 1981, Honours Marine Biology), Memorial University (M.Sc. - 1984, Biology), UBC (Ph.D. - 1988, Zoology)
Geographic focus of research: Atlantic Canada

Brief synopsis of current research:
My general research interests are in the physiology of growth and reproduction in fish, and how these processes can be manipulated for aquaculture. Specific areas of interest include: (a) physiology of triploid fish, and the suitability of induced triploidy as a means to sterilize fish for aquaculture; (b) sex determination in fish, and the use of hormonal, genetic and environmental treatments to manipulate sex ratios of fish populations for aquaculture; and (c) factors affecting short-term growth dynamics in fish, and the development of bioassays to estimate instantaneous growth rates.


Recent Publications:

O'Keefe, R.A. and T.J. Benfey. 1999. Comparative growth and food consumption of diploid and triploid brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) monitored by radiography. Aquaculture 175: 111-120.

Benfey, T.J. 1999. The physiology and behaviour of triploid fishes. Reviews in Fisheries Science 7: 39-67.

O'Flynn, F.M., S.A. McGeachy, G.W. Friars, T.J. Benfey & J.K. Bailey. 1997. Comparisons of cultured triploid and diploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). ICES J. Mar. Sci. 54:1160-1165.

O'Keefe, R.A. and T.J. Benfey. 1997. The feeding response of diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon and brook trout. Journal of Fish Biology 51: 989-997.

Benfey, T.J., L.E. McCabe and P. Pepin. 1997. Critical thermal maxima of diploid and triploid brook charr. Environmental Biology of Fishes 49: 259-264.