Researcher Profile

Leah Bendell-Young

Job Title: Associate Professor
Employer: Simon Fraser University
Place of Birth: Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Public School attended: Queen Mary Elementary, St. Michaels (one year, Oxford, England)
High School attended: University Hill (Vancouver), Clarkson Secondary (Mississauga, Ontario)
Further Education: University of Toronto (B.Sc., Ph.D.)
Geographic focus of research: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Indonesia.

Brief synopsis of current research:
Research programme directed at providing a better understanding of the fundemental physio-chemical and biological factors that influence contaminant exposoure to aqautic and terrestrial organisms.


Recent Publications:

Arifin, Z. and L.I.Bendell-Young. 2000. Influence of a selective feeding behaviour by the blue mussel on the assimilation of cadmium from environmental relevant seston matrices. Marine Ecology Progress Series. in press.

Arifin, Z. and L.I. Bendell-Young. 1997. Feeding behaviour of the blue mussel exposed to environmentally relevant seston matrices. 160: 241-253.

Bendell-Young, L.I. 1999. Application of a kinetic model of metal bioaccumulation to predict cadmium concentrations in the sediment-dwelling Chironomidae. Environmental Science and Technology. 33: 1501-1508.

Bendell-Young, L.I. et al. 2000. Assesssing the ecological characteristics of wetlands receiving an indisutrial effelunt. Ecological Applications. 1: 310-322.

Bendell-Young, L.I. and J.F. Bendell. 1999. Importance of the ingestion of grit as a soruce of trace metal expsoure to spruce grouse. Environmental Pollution. 106: 405-413.

I chose my career for a very simple reason....I wanted to make a difference and contribute to protecting and maintaining the integrety our environment.