Researcher Profile

Suzanne E. Bayley

Job Title: Professor
Employer: University of Alberta
Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Further Education: Washington College (B.Sc.), Johns Hopkins University(Ph.D.).
Geographic focus of research: boreal schield, boreal forest, prairies, mountains (primarily western Canada)

Brief synopsis of current research:
I have research efforts in several areas in western Canada. These include documenting the primary production and nutrient cycling in montane marshes (in Jasper National Park) and in the western boreal forest (WBF). In Jasper, the emphasis is to determine how transportation systems have altered the hydrology and ecology of the wetlands. In the WBF, we are examining the relationship between production, nutrients, and water birds along a landscape gradient to understand natural disturbance and features that control bogs, fens and marshes. I also am examining the competitive interactions between beaver and elk in willow communities in Banff National Park.

Mailing address:
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta T6G 2E9

Recent Publications:

Thormann. M.N. and S.E. Bayley. 1998. Effects of hydrologic changes on above ground production and surface water chemistry in two boreal peatlands in Alberta: Implications for global warming. Hydrobiologia 362: 171-183

Gignac L. D., B.J. Nicholson and S.E. Bayley 1998. The utilization of bryophytes in bioclimatic modelling: Predicted northward migration of peatlands in the Mackenzie River Basin, Canada as a result of global warming. The Bryologist 101(4):572-587.

White, J.S. & S.E. Bayley.1999. Restoration of a Canadian Prairie Wetland with agricultural and municipal wastewater. Environmental Management 24 (1): 25-37.

Thormann, M.N., Szumigalski, A.R. and S.E. Bayley. 1999. Above ground peat and carbon accumulation potential along a bog-marsh gradient in southern boreal Alberta, Canada. Wetlands 19:305-317.

Banff Bow Valley Study. 1996. Banff -Bow Valley: At the Crossroads. Technical Report of the Banff-Bow Valley Task Force. 432 pp. (R. Page, S.E.Bayley, J.D.Cook, J.E.Green, and J.R.Ritchie). Prep. For the Honourable Shiela Copps, Minister of Canadian Heritage. Ottawa ON