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Ihsan Al-Aasm

Job Title: Professor
Employer: University of Windsor
Place of Birth: Baghdad, Iraq
Further Education: Bagdhad University (B.Sc.), Bagdhad University (M.Sc.), Ottawa University (Ph.D).
Geographic focus of research: Ontario, Alberta, B.C., Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Italy, UAE, China

Brief synopsis of current research:
Environemtal isotope geochemistry, lake sediemntology, water-rock interactions, low-temperature geochemistry and diagenesis, application of trace metals and isotopes in biological material as biotracers.

Mailing address:
Earth Scineces, U. of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4

Recent Publications:

Cumming, J., and Al-Aasm, I.S., 1999. Sediment characterization and porewater isotope chemistry of Quaternary deposites from the St. Clair Delta, Ontario, Canada: Quaternary Research, v. 51, p. 174-186.

Al-Aasm, I.S., Clarke, J.D. and Fryer, B.J. 1998. Mineralogy, Trace metal distribution and stable isotopes of Dreissena polymorpha (Zebra mussels) from western Lake Erie Basin. Environmental Geology, v. 33, p. 122-129.

Morad, S. and Al-Aasm, I.S. 1997. Authigenesis of rhodochrosite in late Neogene sediments from the eastern equatorial Pacific: evidence for the influence of gas hydrates on porewater (superscript: 18)O: Sedimentary Geology, v. 114, p. 295-304

Durocher, S. and Al-Aasm, I.S. 1997. Dolomitization and neomorphism of Mississippian upper Debolt Formation, Blueberry Field, NE British Columbia, Canada: Geologic, petrologic and chemical evidence. AAPG Bull., v. 81, p. 954-977.

Al-Aasm, I.S., Morad, S., Durocher, S. and Muir, I., 1996. C-S-Fe relationships and stable isotopic compositions in Devonian black mudrocks, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada. Sedimentary Geology, v. 106, p. 279-298.