Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO)

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, BIO is the largest centre for ocean research in Canada. Opened in 1962, the centre is operated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). The various sectors at BIO include the Ocean Sciences, Marine Environmental Science, Canadian Hydrographic Service, Fisheries Research, and the Environmental Protection Microbiology Laboratory. These units not only carry out studies on the physical and chemical properties of the ocean, human impacts on marine and coastal habitats, but also monitor commercially important marine species for population size. Many of the projects carried out by BIO unite physical, chemical, biological, and geological oceanographers. Other federal government agencies such as the Geological Survey of Canada, the Department of National Defence, and Environment Canada also carry out research activities from BIO.

Bedford Institute of Oceanography from the air.

As well as nautical publications and charts, tide and current tables, BIO contributes to The Science Review, a scientific journal published biennially by the Maritimes Region of the DFO.

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